11 May 2020

In its preoccupations and formal economy Deer Season feels of a lineage of twentieth-century American stories, but the men’s experiences are contemporary. When McHarg’s character confesses, euphemistically, of fronting happiness to hide a near-terminal depression, the slightest phrase – “all those pictures?” – signals a mode of self-alienation specific to the post-Facebook age.

5 Feb 2020

One positive is the effective use of colouring and lighting transitions to communicate not only shifts in the passage of time, but also in the father’s crumbling mental and emotional state. The short’s undeniable highlight is a classy use of set space, allowing the daughter to stand raised on a mezzanine, and stare directly down on her father while he drinks himself into oblivion in the family living space. The connotations are stark, simultaneously judgmental and angelic. If anything, this is o...

7 Jan 2020

Subverse is the brainchild of sci-fi director, Joseph White, a web series that follows lead character, ‘Max’ on his journey into the sordid virtual space of the internet’s darkest corner, the ‘subverse’. The first two episodes, presented as a short film, offer a world where users immerse themselves into virtual reality interfaces with increasing regularity, the blurry line between the real and the virtual, hard to pin down. As Max begins to explore the glitchy, disorientating world of the Subver...