Kiem Holijanda [Sarah Veltmeyer, Netherlands, 2017]

Kiem Holijanda follows the lives of two brothers living in a desolate town in Kosovo. At the start of the film, over the lingering image of oldest brother Florist, we hear a voice from a mobile phone organising some kind of deal involving a large sum of money. In the next scene, we see younger brother Andi selling milk to the locals. We discover early on that Andi wants to buy his own mobile phone using some of his earnings so that he can have solitary access to a sex hotline advertised on call cards he has presumably collected along his milk rounds. Until he can have his own phone Andi must share his brother’s phone, which recently Florist seems to need urgently, suggesting that he might be

Vermine [Jeremie Becquer, Denmark, 2018]

Vermine (Vermin) is a Danish-produced animated short written, directed and co-animated by Jeremie Becquer. The story takes place in a world of anthropomorphic mice and rats on the underground of the French Metro. Dressed in cloaks, scarves and clutching handbags, the rodents go about their routine in very familiar and somewhat ordinary fashion, but as the scene progresses we discover the much deeper and divisive inner workings of this society. We follow Hubert, a poet whose melancholic and lyrical voice-over describes his surroundings as he collects his thoughts and ideas for poetic material. Hubert is a rat whose species and darker colour is ostensibly offensive to many of the white mice ar

Premier Amour [Jules Carrin, Switzerland, 2017]

Premier Amour (First Love) is a Swiss production written and directed by Jules Carrin. The film opens with a farmer and his dog strolling out of the woods towards his farmhouse, outside of which is a ‘for sale’ sign that he proceeds to tear down in an evident rage. It is discovered that the land could potentially be bought by the rival Lamiche family, a fact complicated by the secret love affair between the farmer’s daughter and the Lamiche family’s son, a delinquent car mechanic who works with his brother in the family-owned garage. As the young couple become more deeply involved, it seems ever more certain that the proprietary transaction between families is more a probability than possi

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