Turning Tide [Andrew Muir, UK, 2018]

The chemistry between David and the Nazi soldier is brilliant. So much is said through wordless communication, and is all the better for its

Tommy [Mike Stevens, Canada, 2018]

Lance Birley also gives a solid performance as callous father Frank Dupree, whose beefy malice is reminiscent of John Goodman’s quietly terr

You or Me [Yana Zinov, USA, 2019]

The short opens with an image of BDSM magazines strewn across a coffee table, yet while the theme of masochism runs throughout the film, it

Piercing Stillness [Arepo, Italy, 2019]

Although, in his director’s statement Arepo writes that his motives are to celebrate stillness in a world so caught up with movement, this s

Iyakkunar [Harish Gokul, India, 2018]

This short film eschews a conventional plot structure to get right to the heart of its message. As many short pieces make the mistake of try

Entrance No Exit [Jo Southwell, UK, 2018]

Long haul flights are rarely oases of unencumbered comfort. Zero leg room, crying babies and that dreaded centre seat seem like nothing, how

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