19 May 2019

GamePlan is a film that very definitely represents the social and global complexities of modern day manufacturing and consumerism. It is a very important film, not just for its narrative and message about where we are as a planet, but for where we are heading, and a comment on humanity’s self-designed fate.

The duel thematic approach, employing the style of a board game with the emphasis on chance (such as ‘go back three places’), together with the deconstruction of a nation’s and a world’s econo...

18 Apr 2019

The year is 3049, humankind is finished, virtually bereft of existence, with the last man alive placing his own survival in the hands and will of a machine, relying on it to share and record his final days.

The Drone Master's narrative is open and expansive, with nods and references peppered throughout for sci-fi fans. For instance, the drone’s recorded name is a direct reference to Alien [Ridley Scott, US, 1979] and, from the outset, there is a feeling and shape similar to cult favourite, Hardwa...