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1 Jan 2019

Sometimes the most heinous crimes are the ones carried out in broad daylight, right under the noses of complacent and none-the-wiser bystanders. The common misconception that the worst criminal activities only happen after dark is, for the most brazen of perpetrators, the perfect cover for their transgressive actions. It is an idea that first-time filmmaker Amos Culbreth deals with here in Sarah with varying results.

Listening to music on headphones, a young teenage girl sits cross-legged on a be...

16 Nov 2018

Knock Knock is the zany comedy sketch dreamt up by London-based female comedy duo Cheap Thrills (Grace Lambert & Noemi Gunea). The short opens on Noemi, seen through the spyhole of the front door, as she zips around the living room carpet with a vacuum cleaner. With her hair wrapped up into a bun and face plastered ghostly white under a cleansing face mask, the comforts of her domestic ablutions are betrayed by the sound of a knock at the door. Immediately unnerved by this perceived intrusion, N...

8 Nov 2018

The ubiquitous issue of ‘body-shaming’ seems by all means a modern one, a term that exists within a millennial taxonomy under which one could also confidently expect to find a ‘meme’, ‘selfie’ or ‘troll’. But, the sentiments to which this ‘hip’ vocabulary pertains are, of course, age-old and universally understood. In Hair, Olivia Coppin places body-shaming under the microscope and zooms in on the sociopolitical pitfalls that still occur in a postmodern world that isn’t perhaps as forward-thinki...