31 May 2019

Anyone who has ever been left confused by the obscurity of their own dreams will be familiar with the inherent fascination and frustration of viewing Malady of Us; that longing to better recall, better decode the meaning of one’s own dreams, to discern their significance and discover why our subconscious causes certain events or places to recur across dreams spanning many years.

Director Tanakit Kitsanayunyong explores through art what it feels like when we awaken from sleep to find we have left...

28 Dec 2018

In 2018, the UK saw policing reach the point of near collapse. Budget cuts led to regional police forces diminishing drastically in size, with basic aspects of the service – answering phone calls, crime investigation, neighbourhood policing and attending emergencies – in danger of becoming unsustainable. It is an ongoing and, of course, a worrying state of affairs that has had the public in despair and the government up in arms. In sharp and satirical fashion, Liam A. Matthews’ The Thinning Blue...

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