FRAME LIGHT is a film organisation dedicated to popularising the medium of short film, with particular focus on supporting independent filmmakers from around the world. Our aim is to provide these filmmakers with multiple platforms from which they can showcase their talents, share ideas and launch their careers. We provide opportunities for their work to be seen in unique and prestigious locations, be screened on our online short film channel or reviewed in our written and audio publications.


It is our mission to discover, introduce and celebrate short films not widely seen publicly and that we believe deserve recognition for the skill, dedication and passion demonstrated in these productions. We hope that by screening and critiquing short films we can help to broaden discussion relating to the form's governing principles into cultural and casual arenas.

Our organisation is special in that we care about the filmmaker and the spectator, and therefore offer our festivals, film channel and reviews to hardened cinephiles and uninitiated audiences alike. All filmmakers are welcome to submit their short films for either festival exhibition, streaming and download, or review subject to guidelines and fees, which are detailed fully in our 'Terms & Conditions'.

We believe in the power of short film.


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