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Short Focus magazine covers reviews, pictures and interviews from the world of short film and animation. Our multimedia platforms appeal to a diverse cultural audience, delivering audiovisual content from over 50 different countries across six continents. Across the world we offer commercial opportunities through traditional print media, digital platforms, and social media channels.

As a premium media publisher, we have assembled a global network of writers, designers, photographers and filmmakers to access original cultural movements and stories as they develop. We offer an alternative view of how consumer industries can meaningfully and credibly engage with media culture via original content published through our literary and visual platforms, which currently reach thousands highly targeted creative professionals that we know and understand. By using our platforms as a credible base, we are able to extend distribution across targeted paid social channels, and with select local market media owners, augmenting our reach for partner brands.


If your company is looking for a media partnership with a brand that combines ground-breaking visual content with cutting-edge design and journalism then Short Focus is for you. By advertising within the journal you gain:

  • Low-cost and widespread distribution. 

  • Access to an influential audience;

  • Brand positioning with a unique cultural partner;

  • Cultural credibility as a recognised supporter of the domestic and international film & television industry.


Please fill in our request form below, or get in touch if you wish to discuss your commercial needs further.

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