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FRAME LIGHT TV (FLTV) is a curated short film channel, video-on-demand service and film distributor, screening the world's finest short films and animations in one place. It is a unique platform where film artists can exhibit their work with pride, and also a curated space through which film lovers can actively discover original and exciting short films.


Filmmakers: We wish for your films to be seen and appreciated by everybody. At FLTV we are always on the lookout for great short films to screen, and every week we search the web for exceptional content to screen on our channels, but we won't always find everything. All filmmakers are welcome to submit their work for distribution subject to our guidelines and fees, which are detailed fully in our Terms & Conditions. We also host a channel of our favourite weekly discoveries for which we award a prestigious 'Favourite of the Week' badge. Click the button below if you wish to submit your short film to FLTV.

Viewers: For the short film savant you only need to register with your email address to gain exclusive access to our unique collection of short form cinema. We screen films from all categories including Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Music Video, Experimental, Fave of the Week, and more. Watch FLTV now by clicking the button below.

Thank you.


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