FRAME LIGHT TV (FLTV) is a short film channel, video-on-demand service and film distributor, screening the world's finest short films and animations in one place. It is a unique platform where film artists can exhibit their work with pride, and also a curated space through which film lovers can actively discover original and exciting short films.


Filmmakers: We wish for your films to be seen and appreciated by everybody, but that doesn't mean you should just give your work away. We believe that you deserve to be rewarded for your artistic efforts. That's why we offer you the opportunity to distribute your films via our 'on-demand' service. At FLTV we are always on the lookout for new short films to distribute. All filmmakers are welcome to submit their work for sale or rental subject to guidelines and fees, which are detailed fully in our Terms & Conditions. Click the 'Submit Your Film' button below if you wish to screen your short film on FLTV.

Viewers: For the avid short film viewer you only need to sign up as a member to gain exclusive access to this unique collection of short form cinema. We screen films from all categories including Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Music Video, Experimental, Commercial and more. We also have a Free Library containing short films dating right back to the birth of cinema through to the present day. Try FLTV now by clicking the 'Sign Up' button below.

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