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Issue 3: 'Rio'


As we emerge from the debris of a, quite frankly, chaotic 2020, we are looking forward to a much brighter year ahead full of optimism and opportunity. Our spring 2021 issue of Short Focus magazine is imbued with this spirit as we look at films that reflect on history and dream of a better future. 


This issue reviews Zhenia Kazankina's Rio, a wonderfully strange and ultimately tragic tale of adolescent ennui, with a magical-realist edge that owes as much to Yorgos Lanthimos as it does to Wes Anderson.


Also featured: Hollow Tooth, José, Bulldog, Reclaiming the Negative, Fancy a Cuppa?, The Painting, Old Flame - A Super 8 Story, and much more...

Short Focus Magazine

SKU: SFM-003
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