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The issue of diversity is normally a hot topic around this time of year for many media publications, particularly during Black History Month. Anyone already familiar with SHORT FOCUS magazine will recognise that diversity, inclusivity, and globalism are already at the heart of our explorations in short form cinema.  So, in some ways it feels a little redundant to dedicate this issue alone to diverse cultural ideas.


Every single issue of our magazine is a celebration of pure audiovisual creativity from all walks of life. And while this specific edition won’t tick every box, collectively you will be able to build a clear and beautiful picture of the world we love. Our cover feature, Kaduna (p.18), is a stunning interpretive dance piece from Nigeria, which acts as a poetic symbol of unity, simplicity, history, community, and love.


Also featured: Chi Chi, All This Red, A Problem, Who is Afraid of the Black Man?, Leo, Home Stream, All of Our Shadows, and much more...

Short Focus Magazine

SKU: SFM-005
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