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It’s a new year and along with it comes a brand new issue of SHORT FOCUS magazine! This is, of course, a busy time for reflection as we look back at our setbacks and achievements, whilst formulating our plans for the year to come. It seems apposite then to celebrate our first issue of 2022 by discussing many of the films that we featured in last year’s festival programme.


For us, Short Focus Film Festival is more than a singular exhibitive gesture; it is a statement of our vision for the future cultural landscape, an expression of our belief in a world that will continue to strive for originality and embrace innovative voices. It can be all too easy to perpetuate cynicism and bemoan the demise of artistic fertility within this rapidly developing social media age, rather than challenge it. But challenge it we must.


It is for this reason that we have chosen to feature in this issue many of the films from our most recent festival, in order to multiply the number of platforms from which these (and many other) films can be discovered, to reciprocate their creators’ efforts with intelligent and honest discourse, and historicize these important artefacts for the annals of film history for generations beyond our own.


Also featured: 'Deleve', 'Fargate', 'A Knowing of Loss', 'The Fell Runner', 'Yuluu', 'Clown', 'Bohemia', and much more...

Short Focus Magazine

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