Cherry Colour Buttonholes [Brenda Miller, UK, 2018]

Brenda Miller’s filmmaking style is experimental in a social rather than artistic sense. Artistry and craftsmanship are the ostensible preoccupations in her films, but the activities on display here, namely the hand-stitching of buttons, are used more as a vehicle to encourage social interactions. Cherry Colour Buttonholes is just as much a conversational meditation as it is an insight into artisanal practises.

The women in the film are never actually identified. To do so would be beside the point. We do hear their voices as they discuss different materials, techniques and colours and their conversation weaves in and out of personal and creative subjects much like the fabrics with which they implement their dextrous craft. The camera for the most part closely frames their hands as they skilfully and carefully fasten buttons to an assortment of materials.