SHORT FOCUS 2019: Two Down [Rolfin Nyhus, UK, 2019]

All hail the greasy spoon! This is the message of Rolfin Nyhus’s charming six-minute short, Two Down. Set in a classic London café, three men try to solve a crossword clue amidst the pleasant fug of chip fat and frying bacon. Brilliant acting and an unexpectedly fabulous use of labels make this short one to look out for at the Short Focus Film Festival this September.

The opening credits are a treat of pastel coloured symmetry, as the crew and cast’s names flash up amongst offers of full fry-ups and corned beef. Who knew that liver, bacon, chips and peas for £4.25 could ever look so good?

"Salt beef is salt beef"

Diggsy (Chris Anderson) and Derek (Richard Step