SHORT FOCUS 2021: Bohemia [Samuel Kaperski, France, 2019]

On a rooftop above the bustling streets of Los Angeles, bohemian artist Paul (Jordan Rountree) is awoken from his outdoor slumber by the sound of passing police sirens. He descends into an alleyway where he meets a young woman, with the pair striking up a conversation. Samuel Kaperski’s Bohemia aims to examine the exploitation of human kindness.

‘The Woman’ – played by Gabriela Ortega – invites Paul back to the apartment for a smoke and some company but immediately, red flags are raised and noted by her new acquaintance. When Ortega’s character finds herself in a predicament, the helpful Paul offers to get her out of a sticky situation by driving a rental car back to Santa Monica. However, he soon realises that he should have paid better attention to the signs that something wasn’t quite right.