A Typical Day [Hossein Jeyroodi, Iran, 2019]

This tale, full of dark magic and strange rituals, comes to us from Iranian director Hossein Jeyroodi. A Typical Day concerns a man who is an ordinary photographer by day but, by night, uses magic to control people’s lives and cause disasters.

It is an appealing idea for a short horror film and the execution of many aspects is done well. Appropriately, for a film about a photographer, attention has clearly been paid to the use of light. Many scenes are set up in such a way that, visually, there is interplay between light and darkness. Jeyroodi proves to be a strong director visually and also gives a decent performance in the central role, saying much with just looks, despite the film being light on dialogue.

Hossein Jeyroodi in 'A Typical Day' (2019)