Darkus Buckerbergius [Schikhur, India, 2019]

Darkus Buckerbergius is more like a cinematic essay than a plot driven film. Faced with lethal accusations from the authoritative state, protagonist Darkus Buckerbergius must defend his controversial philosophies in order to save his growing revolution and his own life. As the two opposing characters debate, the film addresses contemporary issues about communication and social structures.

The link made between more advanced methods of communication and greater social equality strikes a chord with recent controversies surrounding politics and social media - even to the extent where the trial set-up could be a dramatic rendition of Mark Zuckerberg’s senate hearing in 2018.

While this topic is well worth spending time on, this film could have benefitted from a more nuanced argument. Buckerbergius gives a detailed report of the advantages of more enhanced communication technologies, but he doesn’t mention one single drawback. Given that, this year alone, terrorist attacks in New Zealand and the USA have been linked to white supremacist networks on social media sites, it seems woefully unbalanced to declare communication as an unfettered tool of altruism.

You make a good point