For Pepper [Rebecca Singleton, Ireland, 2018] /// Purgatorium [Kamil Iwanowicz, UK, 2018]

Explaining the concept of death to a child can be incredibly challenging, since we can never know how that child will react. They might be sad, confused or, as demonstrated in For Pepper, angry. A delightfully funny black comedy, For Pepper examines the concept of death and vengeance through the eyes a young girl.

The short follows Anna, distraught and confused after learning that her pet budgie Pepper has died. As this is Anna’s first experience of mortal loss, her mother attempts to gently pacify Anna with divine reasoning, proposing that God has taken Pepper to heaven and is in a better place. Anna refuses to accept this rationale and she directs her anger towards God, becoming increasingly obsessed with death as she seeks revenge and hatches a plan to resurrect the budgie.

Killer instinct