Old Flame – A Super 8 Story [Spencer Hetherington & Jesse Ricottone, Canada, 2020]

Though quick to ignite, once over, relationships can be difficult to extinguish; old flames destined to continue burning long into the night as embers. Memories of past connections haunt many of us, even as we convince ourselves they have been laid to rest. For the character of Cameron in Canadian filmmaking duo Spencer Hetherington and Jesse Ricottone’s Old Flame – A Super 8 Story, such a haunting proves all-encompassing. As his nostalgic longing for a past love wreaks a deepening psychological unrest, Cameron’s sanity slips, all captured masterfully on vintage Super 8 film stock.

As romance blooms, the young couple at the heart of our story appear picture perfect. Together they ride in roof-down convertibles; sun on their skin, polka dot dresses hinting at a love that is timeless. Soon, however, the relationship sours, Cameron’s partner leaving him for reasons left undisclosed. Pining for his past love, Cameron finds solace in the bottom of a bottle, drinking himself into oblivion on desolate stretches of coastland. But as Cameron’s sanity slips, he is fo