• Sally Roberts

SHORT FOCUS 2018: Kukukid AW2018 [Adrian Chudek, Poland, 2018]

Kukukid AW2018, an advertisement for a Polish brand of children’s clothing, bursts onto the screen with a bright shot of energy as impossibly pristine children frolic through a charmingly old-fashioned school. In their gaggle of paradoxically polished raucousness, they ransack every room while somehow managing not to break a single thing.

‘Rebel but cute’ is the tagline for this clothing line, and anyone who has ever been in contact with children for mere moments will know the laughable optimism of this phrase. The manicured rambunctiousness of this minute-long mayhem glosses over the inevitable mess of caked mud, smeared snot and miscellaneous goo that seems to come from nowhere but sears into the fabric forever.

Kukukid (2018) - "Rebel but cute."