• Sally Roberts

Supper for Civilised Girls [Ella Robertson, UK, 2019]

‘There is no document of civilisation that is not at the same time a document of barbarism’, Walter Benjamin famously wrote. Supper for Civilised Girls by Ella Robertson proves that this idea is very much alive and kicking today. Set in the most private of private schools, two girls battle it out in disturbing ways to win a much coveted scholarship. With stylish filming, a killer soundtrack and unexpected twists, this short brings up important and uncomfortable questions about power, ambition and sacrifice.

The film opens with Millie (Holland Bailey) and Francesca (Hiral Varsani), two schoolgirls on their way to meet the formidable Miss Kerswell (Anne Hayward) for an anxiety inducing dinner, after which the winner of the scholarship will be announced. As the true nature of the test becomes clear, the girls must make one fatal decision to make or break their chances of success.

Holland Bailey as 'Millie'