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SHORT FOCUS 2018: Bryce and Liam Go to Space! [Bryce Padovan, Australia, 2018]

Two friends gaze up towards the stars and ponder the possibilities of space travel. For birthday boy Bryce, it is more than just an idea, going as far as to build his own spaceship (albeit out of plastic and cardboard) in his shed, much to the bewilderment of his best friend Liam. “Come inside!” Bryce offers. “Oh! You’ve built an inside as well?” ripostes Liam sardonically, as he reluctantly clambers on board.

Once inside the craft, we discover the extent of Bryce’s obsession and resolve to venture into the furthest regions of outer space. Wires, switches and mobile phones line the dashboard of the cockpit. “This whole thing is made of rubbish!” Liam exclaims, until Bryce flicks on the power and a humming blue light illuminates the interior of the ship, whilst an artificially intelligent in-flight assistant ‘Scarlett’ (Johansson – a wry nod towards Spike Jonze’s H.E.R.) prepares the two for launch…

Bryce and Liam Go to Space! is a hilarious sci-fi sketch filled with childlike frivolity and peppered generously with verbal and visual humour, and that holds up on repeated viewings. Bryce Padovan manages to skilfully stretch the limitations of a low budget to create a fun, smart and good-spirited production, showing us just how far a curious imagination can take us.


'Bryce and Liam Go to Space!' was part of the official selection at Short Focus Film Festival 2018.

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