• Sally Roberts

Tutu and Pointes [Irina Pizania, UK, 2018]

In present circumstances, London seems an unlikely setting for fairy godmothers and last-minute miracles. Irina Pizania’s film Tutu and Pointes brings a touch of magic to the capital with the story of a little girl and a newfound passion.

This short updates standard fairy tales with a hardworking single mother instead of an evil stepmother, and microwave meals in place of poison apples. But the sense of mystery and delight still remains, as Mirela (remind you of any particular glass-shoed ball goer?) discovers the world of ballet and is granted one special wish.

Tutu and Pointes (2018)

Mirela and her mother are played wonderfully by Margot Dean and Clare Leahy. The portrayal of their mutually respectful relationship is perhaps the film’s main stre