A Scribbled Memory [Bhulla Beghal, UK, 2018]

More often than not, animation is unfairly bundled with children’s entertainment. A Scribbled Memory kicks back against this stereotype by using animation to discuss traumatic memory and domestic abuse. Taken from a real radio interview, Bhulla Beghal’s short uses black lines, morphing shapes and muffled voices to successfully convey the long lasting damage caused by domestic violence.

What immediately jumps out about Beghal’s film is the total lack of colour. Black, grey and white spit across the screen as they become a mother, son, father and fist. This monochromatic palette is appropriate for the subject matter, and helps portray the man’s emotional coldness that has grown out of his childhood trauma. The image of a man flowing seamlessly into a fist was particularly effective at conveying this, as it shows how the violence is an inextricable part of the a