Beautiful Wotevers [Francesca Schweiger & Louis Gering, Germany/UK, 2018] /// A Cowardly Lot [Ti

“Life is a cabaret”, according to Sally Bowles in Cabaret [Bob Fosse, US, 1972], the hit musical with an unoriginal name. In their fantastic and hugely inspiring documentary Beautiful Wotevers, Francesca Schweiger and Louis Gering take us to contemporary London to show just how far the form has come from the days of Liza Minnelli and dodgy German accents.

Held every Tuesday in the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Bar Wotever is London’s only weekly queer variety showcase. This documentary interviews performers, as well as showcasing their talent, making a very persuasive argument for why inclusive spaces such as this one are so important in the current arts scene.

The documentary is very stylishly filmed. In particular, the opening scene is striking and intelligent, with colourful smoke billowing over St. Paul’s Cathedral and Nelson’s column, juxtaposing the rigidity and homogeneity of the whitewashed monuments with the fluid and indefinable ripples of multi-hued mist.