Dream [Nikolas Kasinos, Cyprus, 2021]

Dream is a documentary short that films a snippet of the life of the director’s grandmother. The whole film is an interview with Chrystalla, who tells some traumatic and joyful stories of her life in her home in Cyprus. The themes of memory and life are tackled in this short.

Dream is completely carried by the sheer charisma of Chrystalla. She’s not the most bombastic or exaggerated character you’ll ever see in a documentary, but she’s such a warm and comforting presence that her talking will take you all the way through this film. It’s very much like sitting with your own grandmother and listening to her talk. There are many scenes of Chrystalla simply eating or dancing, which are very wholesome and sweet. The stories that Chrystalla shares vary from being very nice to quite horrific as she describes being hospitalised by her then husband.

However, Dream does suffer a bit with pacing. The director does let his grandma mumble a bit and talk about things that aren’t very interesting. The way it’s all edited together is slightly arbitrary and much of it doesn’t flow well. One moment Chrystalla will be talking about abuse, then she’ll be dancing. The documentary could also have done w