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Elaine [Guillermo Quintanilla-Pinto, UK, 2019]

Religion is a home for so many, a place to seek true guidance in life. It is a shame that even in modern times there are still a countless number of people who turn away from religion due to what should be mere insignificant differences. With gender identity, this is one of those things that unfortunately many religions and places of worship do not wish to accept. Elaine recounts one such story.

Elaine is a short documentary that looks into the life of a British trans woman who is dealing with a lack of acceptance. So she could discover herself and her true identity, she needed to come out to everyone around her, including her church. As a result, the church did not accept her, forcing her to search for a new religious community.

Losing my religion

Elaine is a pure encapsulation of what happens far too often around the world, highlighting the lack of acceptance that trans people experience as a sadly common truth. Letting your true self out is a hard step to take no matter what the age, but this film specifically focuses on someone who is part of an older generation, an even bigger hurdle for her to overcome, and when we hear in the film that Elaine had to go through the trauma of psychiatric treatment it is utterly heartbreaking.

This is a very poignant and topical documentary that explores a very important issue in the modern world. One can only hope that it will inspire those struggling with their own identity and help them find solace in this short story.


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