Goddess [Tiara Luten, USA, 2018] /// Lovesick [Andrew Hamblin, UK, 2018]

Imagine a world where a patriarchal society ceases to exist – a world in which femininity and the role of womanhood itself excel as superior essences of existence; a world where women flourish, dominate and thrive at the expense of men that tailor to their every need; a world where women quite literally ‘run the world’. Independent African-American filmmaker Tiara Luten’s Goddess pays ode to womanhood in this short film, and embarks upon an exploration and celebration of themes centred on femininity.

"Who run the world?"

The film opens with a powerful narrative, symbolic of strength, unity, homogeneity and sisterhood as Luten captivates the audience with attention-grabbing visuals of the mystical planet Xo, home to Yonetica, a land dominated by omnipotent female beings. The story tells the tale of two young women in a bid against each other to be crowned goddess of Yonetica in a fight that will prove their worthiness of the throne and in which one of them will face their inevitable fate – death.