• Sally Roberts

LP [Nikita Kardakov & Anton Chebotov, UK, 2017] /// Penny [Louisa Harris, UK, 2017]

Have you ever had one of those days where the whole world seems to be plotting against you? In Nikita Kardakov and Anton Chebotov’s short film LP, this is exactly what happens to Stephen (played by Mark Phoenix) when he buys a mysterious record. With excellent acting from Phoenix and intelligent touches throughout, this short grabs your attention for its frivolous sense of fantasy and subtle detail.

LP is delightfully edited and visually very satisfying with scenes of careful symmetry and a bright retro palette. In fact, much of the short feels as though it comes from another time, or even a mix of times. Stephen’s archaically formal clothes, vinyl records and tourists crowding around an actual map rather than a phone all evoke nostalgia for the recent past. However, references to Anton Chekhov, an old-fashioned maid and a Gatsby-esque party gesture to different points in history. On top of this, the quick, close up shots of banal actions are reminiscent of contemporary director Edgar Wright. These deliberately diverse temporal references disorientate the viewer and enhance the short’s playful sense of mystery.